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Plenty of Fish

Written by Yawatta Hosby


Published by Dream Snatcher Press (13 Nov. 2014)
Genre   Teen & YA, Crime Fiction, Suspense Thriller
Pages   16
Format  Ebook
ASIN      B00PL5L3W8

The blurb:

Local celebrity painter Mackenzie knows better than to talk to strangers.

But, he seems to know so much about her already...

PLENTY OF FISH is a 3,404 word short story full of suspense and terror

My thoughts:

Looking for short stories during the 2019 #DecTheShelves event, I bought Plenty of Fish by Yawatta Hosby. I have previously read a couple of Ms Hosby's books, and her horror stories take me right out of my reading comfort zone.

The cover suggests a chilling thriller, and the story does not disappoint. Although I would suggest this story is less about talking to strangers, and more about being aware of our own personal security.

Plenty of Fish opens with the single and locally well-known artist Mackenzie feeling she is being watched. She turns to see a man, a stranger she is sure. But he knows a lot about her, and she quickly begins to feel threatened by him. Fortunately a colleague arrives and the man leaves. But the stranger has promised Mackenzie that she will be sorry for the way she has treated him...

This is another well-written, short, dark tale from Ms Hosby, where I found myself holding my breath, expecting the worst, while still hoping to be wrong. It had me guessing at the plot from the start, but I did not foresee the twist in the tale or its brutal conclusion.

Plenty of Fish provides a sharp reminder to keep personal safety in mind at all times. 

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Author Bio – Yawatta Hosby

Hello, I’m Yawatta Hosby. I reside in the eastern panhandle of West Virginia. I enjoy connecting with other writers through blogging. With a desire to escape every day life, I create short stories, novellas, and novels. I’ve always had a fascination with psychology, so I like to focus on the inner-struggles within my characters. I’m an avid reader, favorite genres: mystery, suspense, horror, and women’s fiction. 

My short stories have been featured in The Write Place At the Write Time online journal (2013), When the Lights Go Out anthology (2015), and Don’t Open the Door anthology (2019).

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