Saturday, 23 April 2022

Wednesday, 6 April 2022

Library Books #BookReview
Father's Day by Shirley Hughes
Ten-Pin Penguins by Russell Punter & David Semple
The Whales on the Bus by Katrina Charman & Nick Sharratt

Last week we visited the library and had a good look through the boxes of books suitable for younger children. This week, I shied away from anything with Peppa Pig on the cover, and my first choice was Shirley Hughes' Father's Day. The book speaks to the relationship between a father and daughter, and Shirley Hughes has been favourite with the younger children in the family for many years. I felt this would be a good, solid choice.

Next up, I was looking for something to excite and entertain, and The Whales on the Bus ticked that box.

I waved Ten-Pin Penguins under my granddaughter's nose and asked if she would like to read a story about penguins. She did. She counted the penguins, and listened attentively to the story at the library. When she wouldn't put it down, I thought that would be a good third choice for this week.

Wednesday, 30 March 2022

Library Books #BookReview
The Grinny Granny Donkey by Craig Smith
Peppa at the Aquarium by Neville Astley
Not Yet, Zebra by Lou Kuenzler & Julia Woolf

So this week my granddaughter and I returned the books we'd taken out the other week, and found three more to borrow. She is not yet tall enough to operate the scanner, but was pleased enough to watch it do its work.

Her ticket is actually valid to borrow thirty books, but I think three is more than enough at her age.

Thursday, 24 March 2022

#BookReview Whisper Cottage by Anne Wyn Clark #Netgalley

Written by Anne Wyn Clark


Published by Avon GB (5 January 2022)
Genre Psychological Thriller
Pages 368
ISBN-10 0008459975
ISBN-13 978-0008459970
Audiobook ASIN      B097TSQ939

Monday, 14 March 2022

Library Books #BookReview
Pants by Giles Andreae & Nick Sharratt
Lizard in a Blizzard by Lesley Sims & David Semple
Happy to Be Me by Emma Dodd

Last week, I took my 2 year old granddaughter to the library, and we took out her first 3 library books on her very own card. She feels quite grown up having her own card, and she closely watched me scan the books out. I'm sure she'll be wanting to use the machine herself next week!

I plan to make library visits a regular event with her to encourage her love of books.

We read all three books together as soon as we got home, and she's chosen to read them again a couple of times.

Monday, 28 February 2022

Making headway on my TBR pile
Reading Challenges 2022
#BacklistReader #2022AudiobookChallenge

Making Headway on My TBR Pile

Towards the end of last year I identified a couple of reading challenges which should help me stay on track to read 30 books this year, and make a dent, albeit the tiniest of dents, into my backlog of... and I'm ashamed to say it, 820 books. And that's only the ones I know about. There are physical books lurking in drawers which haven't been added to my Goodreads list, and I'm not sure I'm up-to-date with adding all the Ebooks I keep acquiring.

So, to reduce that number by at least 30 books this year, I am taking part in 3 challenges: The Goodreads 2022 Reading Challenge; The Backlist Reader Challenge 2022, hosted by The Bookwyrm’s Hoard; and The 2022 Audiobook Challenge, hosted by Caffeinated Reviewer and That’s What I’m Talking About.

A Little Bit About The Challenges

The Goodreads 2022 Reading Challenge is designed to motivate and track the reader's progress. Every book read, no matter the format, counts towards your goal. I find this a useful tool to monitor my reading. It also allows me to compare my progress with my friends'. I am way behind all of my friends at the moment, but it's not a race!

To take part in this challenge, you need to have an account with Goodreads. The challenge runs from 1st Jan to 31st Dec 2022 and you can join at any time. You set the number of books you think you can read in the time allowed. I'm aiming for 30 books.

The 2022 Audiobook Challenge also runs from 1st January to 31st December 2022. Books must be in audio format to count towards your goal. Rather than goals, there are different Achievement Levels.

I have 5 audio books waiting to be read, so I'm going for the Newbie (I’ll give it a try) 1-5 audiobooks level

The Backlist Reader Challenge 2022 runs from 1st January to 31st December 2022.

Only books published before 2021 AND already on your TBR list count towards this challenge. Books can be in any format but have to have been on your reading list before signing up to the challenge. You choose how many books you read. I'm aiming for 10 books as a minimum.

I've put together my starting list of books which I intend to read this year. I'm only listing 10 titles for now as I'm likely to swap in and out titles as the mood takes me.

Book TitleAuthorChallenge
A Bookshop ChristmasRachel BurtonGoodreads
Time To Move OnIan WilfredGoodreads
Backlist Reader
Boot Camp BrideLizzie LambGoodreads
Backlist Reader
Englishman in Blackpool, Englishwoman Short StoryJenny O'BrienGoodreads
Backlist Reader
A Sweet Mix-Up: A romantic short story set in IndiaSudesna Ghosh Goodreads
Backlist Reader
Lavender Road Helen CareyGoodreads
Audiobook Challenge
The Spies of Shilling LaneJennifer RyanGoodreads
Audiobook Challenge
God's Acre Dee YatesGoodreads
Audiobook Challenge
Harriet’s Big Fat Wedding BlunderLynda RenhamGoodreads
Audiobook Challenge
The Forgotten Village Lorna CookGoodreads
Audiobook Challenge

Sunday, 9 January 2022

#BookReview David's Bin Day by Sue Wickstead @JayJayBus #childrenspicturebook #IARTG #IndieAuthor #ChildrensAuthor

Written by Sue Wickstead


Published by Sue Wickstead (2 April 2022)
Genre Children's Picture Book
Pages 40
ISBN-10 1916392334
ISBN-13 978-1916392335

For children aged 3 - 8 years

Friday, 31 December 2021

Happy New Year

So let me start by wishing you a very happy New Year!

Reflecting on the old year as it comes to a close, I have considered very carefully the goals I am setting myself for 2022. As I have been unable to find the time to create a regular feature for my blog or write a short story, for 2022 I am going to concentrate on my backlog of books to read. I intend to:
  1. Read and Review 30 books

  2. I will set my target on the Goodreads 2022 Reading Challenge to thirty Books.
    This will include reading the eleven outstanding books on my #DecTheShelves2019 shelf, clearing my Netgalley shelf, currently holding five books, and clearing my Smashwords shelf of the four books that have been overlooked for too long now. I have already accepted one book on a blog tour but I've been very good and passed up the opportunity to read many more - Let's see how long that lasts!

  3. Take part in Reading Challenges to encourage me to read 30 books

  4. #20BooksOfSummer Reading Challenge - running between 1st June and 1st September

    The Backlist Reader Challenge - runs all year with a round-up post at the end of the chellenge

    The Audiobook Challenge

  5. Support Indie Authors

  6. Let's see how it goes next year...

    Will you join me and take part in some of the reading challenges?

    Meantime, Happy New Year, and thank you for reading my blog.